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Transaction  Monitoring



Financial crime, money laundering, and financing of terrorism can be prevented with regular monitoring and analysis of any suspicious financial transactions. Such tracking is required by regulators and should be continued throughout the entire time of a business relationship. In case of detection of suspicious behaviour, transactions must be reported. 

AMLYZE Monitoring Module is a fully automated service created for the financial sector and businesses that are obliged to comply with AML/CFT regulations. 

Each transaction is carefully analyzed to ensure it matches a customer's risk profile and does not raise any suspicion.


Rules editor and automated reporting increase productivity and smooth fulfilment of regulatory requirements. Similar alert and case recognition allow for further quality improvements over time.


Real-time and post-event transaction monitoring for detecting suspicious behavior at any time

No monitoring restrictions: monitor any and as many products or services as you like

Multiple sets of rules based on the best practices in the financial industry

Flexible integration with different sanctions and PEP's lists providers

User-friendly interface for easy configuration – no programming skills needed

Tailored scenarios and fixed thresholds to eliminate false positives

Automatically identified deviations from customer's previous behavior or usual flow of funds

Smurfing or structuring attempt recognition

Suspicious relationship detection via linked analysis

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