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Powerful FinCrime Prevention

Achieving compliance can be complicated and challenging, but it does not have to. We offer fully integrated solutions that make the process for you much easier and smoother. 

Go beyond the essential requirements and avoid reputational or financial damage

Risk Assessment

risk assesment.jpg

AMLYZE Risk Assessment Module is an automated customer AML/CFT Risk Assessment and Management feature for financial companies. 


The module considers all pivotal risks: customer, product, channel, and geography. It also checks that a person is not on either Black or Watch lists.


Once AMLYZE runs the risk assessment process, it provides a customer risk profile with all relevant information, which helps you determine whether to accept or refuse a business relationship.


AMLYZE Monitoring Module is a fully automated service created for the financial sector and businesses that are obliged to comply with AML/CFT regulations. 

Each transaction is carefully analyzed to ensure it matches a customer's risk profile and does not raise any suspicion. 


Rules editor and automated reporting increase productivity and smooth fulfillment of regulatory requirements. Similar alert and case recognition allow for further quality improvements over time.

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Case Management

case management.jpg

By automating Alert and case management solutions with AMLYZE, institutions required by regulators to file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) can easily ensure efficiency and compliance.


AMLYZE case management module allows to eliminate manual steps, therefore minimizing the probability of human error. 

An AML solution that is as simple as it is efficient


One solution for full execution of compliance processes


Custom rules and configuration according to your needs


Easy to integrate and open to any data sources

Don't just take our word for it

Uldis Teraudkalns.jpg

Other compliance platforms we considered were either too expensive, too difficult to get started with, or both. AMLYZE, on the other hand, was the perfect solution, and it only took us a few days to master it.

Egidijus Čivilis.jpg

Egidijus Čivilis
MLRO @ Safe2Transact

We chose AMLYZE because of the professional design and engineering of their product, and thanks to their immediate solutions to our needs. The team took on our challenges and delivered.


As a virtual asset service provider, we understand that that advanced monitoring tools are just as important as blockchain analysis tools. We are grateful to AMLYZE for providing us with a perfect solution that works smoothly not only for FIAT, but also for crypto transactions.

Andrius Normantas 
CEO and Co-Founder @ Bitlocus

Uldis Teraudkalns 
CEO @ Nexpay

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