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Appropriate due diligence is vital for AML solutions, especially for new customers. Each client has its own risk profile based on automated risk assessment, which is periodically repeated for detecting any new information. Customers with a high-risk profile are always additionally checked for any suspicious behavior.

AMLYZE Risk Assessment Module is an automated customer AML/CFT Risk Assessment and Management feature for financial companies. 

The module considers all pivotal risks: customer, product, channel, and geography. It also checks that a person is not on either Black or Watch lists. 


Once AMLYZE runs the risk assessment process, it provides a customer risk profile with all relevant information, which helps you determine whether to accept or refuse a business relationship.


In case of changes of suspected activity, AMLYZE Monitoring automatically assigns the customer a new risk profile. The system also generates custom alerts and reports required by local regulations. 



Configure automated risk scoring according to your own KYC questionnaire


Be aware of any changes in expected customer activity and implement regular risk-rate updates


Choose relevant criteria for automated risk assessment (country, client, product, channel, and other risks)


Connect AMLYZE to the screen provider you currently use and avoid any changes in contracts you have


Generate risk rates on multiple levels, monitor on an account level, and apply for periodic reviews


Perform automated risk re-assessments throughout each client's lifetime thus minimizing any risks

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