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Privacy policy

1) Cookies used

The website uses cookies to improve your experience of using the website, to improve the quality of the products and services provided, and to make use of the opportunities offered by the website for marketing purposes.

Cookies are placed by the visitor's web browser on a computer, tablet or other smart device. Standard information is collected about the visitor's login data, such as the IP address of the device that is logged in, the time of login, the location from which the visitor is logging in, the type of browser, demographic data (age group, gender), and data about how the visitor navigates the website (which sections he/she visits, which services he/she is interested in).

The website uses (or may use) five types of cookies:

- Necessary

Required to allow the visitor to navigate and use all the features of the website, for example, the website remembers the information entered in survey forms or settings. Without these cookies, it would not be possible to provide certain services on the website and it would not work as smoothly as it should.

- Functional cookies

Required to prevent visitors from changing their settings each time they visit the website. They also help to remember the visitor's preferences and settings (for example, language or time zone). Without these cookies, the website would not function as comfortably as it does in their presence.


- Analytical cookies

These cookies show us how visitors behave on the website and also help us to track the number of users and the frequency of visits. They help us to improve the performance of the website and may help us to record any problems that occur on the website.


- Promotional (targeted advertising)

These cookies allow us to record the visit to the website, as well as the pages the visitor has previously visited and the links the visitor followed. Cookies help us to use the information so that the advertisements that are displayed are relevant to your interests. They also allow us to know whether a visitor has already seen a particular advertisement or a particular type of advertisement, and how long it has been since they saw it. This allows you to provide consumer-oriented advertising and to ensure that a visitor only sees your adverts a certain number of times. These cookies also help to measure the effectiveness of advertising.


- Third party advertising cookies

It is possible that some of the advertisements that you see on the website will be served by other entities that use their own cookies to analyse how many people have seen a particular advertisement or how many people have seen it more than once. The companies that create these cookies apply their own policies. It is recommended that you consult the privacy or cookie policies of these companies separately, which are posted on their websites.


2) Consent to the use of non-essential cookies

Many web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. Visitors can block or delete cookies at their own discretion, if the settings of their browser or device allow them to do so.


It is important to note that if you choose to block essential cookies, the website or parts of it may not be accessible.


Depending on the situation and the settings of the website, you may be provided with the following example of consent to the use of cookies:

„We and companies listed on our site use cookies to measure audience, enhance your browsing experience and provide you with advertising based on your browsing activities and interests on this and other sites. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to such purposes and the collection and sharing of your data with us and our partners. The “Cookie Settings” button provides details on our partners, and options for adjusting or withdrawing your consent.”

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