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Case  Management

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Intelligent solutions for efficient compliance

The role.

Efficient financial crime alert and case management tools help businesses to keep ahead of the rising curve of fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes.

The solution.

By automating alert and case management solutions with AMLYZE, institutions required by regulators to file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) can easily ensure efficiency and compliance.

The scope.

AMLYZE case management module allows for eliminating manual steps, therefore minimizing the probability of human error. 


Easy role and case queue management, full audit trail, and automated reporting increase productivity and smooth fulfillment of regulatory requirements.

Empower your team with a flexible tool

AMLYZE alert and case management system uses data from various sources by methodically collecting it, analyzing, and then providing a thorough view of a particular case. 

Quickly analyze cases with a thorough, unified view, covering relations, accounts, and other involved cases

Manage workloads and prioritize issues with queuing and tasking options

Make better decisions by attaching different kinds of files

Assign responsible persons to easy case tracking, set deadlines and requirements

Automatically minute the entire processes to prepare thorough documentation for regulators

Conveniently close or place accounts on hold 

Choose your own preferences for alert and case reporting

SAR/STR Reporting

Prevent money laundering and terrorist financing with Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR).

Maximize efficiency and minimize the probability of human error with AMLYZE SAR/STR module, featuring advanced workflow, powerful rules, and automated reporting.

File suspicious activity reports straight from the case management module

Automatically filled beneficiary and conductor information to minimize manual labor for STR filings

Pre-fill relevant data to the SAR form automatically to boost efficiency

Easily customize SAR form to your local requirements

Request a demo

Interested in how your business could benefit from our case management solution? Just fill out the form and we will explain it shortly without any hard-selling stuff.

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